‘Rehearsals are Awful’

April 24, 2014
24 Apr 2014

In this clip from the movie Jim explains that as a musician you live your life in rehearsals but the pay off comes on stage.

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‘They Could Easily Trip and Fall’

April 23, 2014
23 Apr 2014

Check out this clip of the Singers heading off to Festival feeling less than prepared…

‘Big S’

April 21, 2014
21 Apr 2014

A short clip from Singers Retreat summer 2013. Mr. K’s Superman analogy goes a little wrong – but he uses his humor to keep it under control.

‘A pretty stupid idea’

April 20, 2014
20 Apr 2014

In this clip, Mr. Kennedy explains why the Singers meet at 7:30 am and how he really feels about those early mornings.