Meet the Team

Derek, Nathan, and Spencer have lived and breathed music since the days their parents played at places like Opryland and Dollywood.  Being raised literally in a music room has primed them to find their own voices and that’s something they do very well together. They grew up mostly in the Powell, TN community and once reaching high school each met and began a close relationship with their new choir director, mentor, and leader… Jim Kennedy.

The Hinckley Brothers have been closely tied to Jim and the Singers group for many years, as have many others. Their time in the PHS Singers was a major ingredient in the path in music they have chosen to pursue to this day.  And, perhaps more importantly, the life lessons and habits learned from their time in Jim’s Choir room are a constant reminder of the ability of this man to lead in a subtle unforgettable way.  

After many years of reflection and brainstorming about how best to pay tribute to this great mentor and friend they finally got the inspiration they were looking for. In early 2013 they settled on the idea to produce and direct a film chronicling the Singers group as a year-in-the-life journey and also highlighting the impact that Mr. Kennedy has left on so many over the past 25 years.
This documentary marks The Hinckley Brothers directing debut in the film world and they could not be more thrilled to have such a compelling and meaningful subject matter.